27 Aug

Group 61’s Take on the project description moved them to deal with a common problem among students. The Buildings main staircase was in the center of the building, so students and faculty attempting to reach the second or third floor had to first go downstairs, walk halfway across the building, go up more stairs, and walk halfway back just to get to a classroom, studio, or to the main office for the school of architecture. Creating a shortcut adjacent to the main entrance would enable students, staff, or even parents to gain quick entrance to an area that would otherwise be almost confusing for those who are new to the building. First the blank wall to the left of the stairwell, seen below, would be turned into a staircase. the staircase would lead to a brief “outdoor hallway” that would lead into the second floor of the building, leaving entrants right in front of the main office. With further development of the concept, the group decided to extend the second-floor plane through the glass to the exterior of the building, creating a balcony and walkway over the current main entrance to the building. This walkway would combine with the new “outdoor hallway” to create an outdoor area for students to enjoy. the project is functional and simple, and would provide the building with maybe just one part it was missing all along.


Group 61 is comprised of Joshua Ross, Melissa Erin Morris, Kevin McClenathan, and myself, Kiernan Bensey